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The Signal Booklists

Every year, Signal published a list of Books about Children's Books in their May issue, as well as a list of books mentioned or referred to in the context of the Signal Poetry Award. The Books about Children's Books lists were compiled by Sheila Ray, editor of School Librarian, associate editor of Children's Literature Abstracts and author of The Blyton Phenomenon: The Controversy Sourrounding the World's most Successful Children's Writer (Deutsch, 1982).

The Booklists provide a well-researched and useful resource for students, parents, teachers or anyone interested in children's literature.

We have therefore decided to make the most recent booklists available here.

Please use the menu on the left to select a booklist for a particular year.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a particular author, you may try this site's search function.

The following Lists are available:

The Booklists - Books about Children's Books 1999

The Booklists - Books about Children's Books 2000

The Booklists - Books about Children's Books 2001

The Booklists - Books about Children's Books 2002

The Signal Poetry Award Booklists


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