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About Signal. Approaches to Children's Books

Signal is a magazine dedicated to children's literature, in which you may find a large number of interesting, challenging and inspired articles and reviews.

The Thimble Press, Signal's publisher, publishes critically acclaimed books on the subject of children's literature.

Please note, that this is not a commercial site and I would like to ask you to contact The Thimble Press directly with your orders and queries.

A Note from the Editor:

SIGNAL Approaches to Children's Books has been published by The Thimble Press three times a year since January 1970. Each issue collects articles about some of the many aspects of children's literature.

The world over, readers interested in children's books are, potentially, linked to an almost unlimited range of subjects, apart from children themselves: writing and illustrating; educational theory and practice; literary criticism and reviewing; bibliogaphy; biography; personal memoirs; editing and publishing and bookselling; translating and translations; bookmaking and book collecting; social and literary history; art appreciation; international cultural events ... among them.

One of the reasons Aidan Chambers and I, as The Thimble Press (est. 1969), started SIGNAL was to capitalize on this unique diversity by providing a single place where thoughtful writing on any aspect of children's literature, in a variety of registers, would be attended to. We wanted especially to encourage critical writing; not always in conventional academic terms but in ways that take account of the reader reading and the writer writing. From the beginning, poetry for children has been a special SIGNAL interest, and in 1979 we set up a Poetry Award, which guaranteed an annual focus on the subject. Until 2001 the award articles appeared in each May issue.

Out of SIGNAL have grown separate publications. For instance, Jane Doonan's Looking at Pictures in Picture Books, one of the very few studies to treat picture books from an aesthetic standpoint, developed affer years of her writing on various picture-book artists for SIGNAL.

The Thimble Press has also been privileged to publish such landmarks as Jill Bennett's Learning to Read with Picture Books (1979; now in its fourth edition), Elaine Moss's Picture Books 9 to 13 (1981; now in its third edition), Liz Waterland's Read with Me (1985; now in its second edition), and Margaret Meek's How Texts Teach what Readers Learn (1988). These writers share with other SIGNAL contributors the challenges presented when adults read books for children.

Nancy Chambers, Editor


A Note to Students

We are always pleased to receive inquiries about Thimble Press publications and hope this catalogue (excerpts below) gives you as much information about them as you need. We also hope that you will understand why we can't offer to answer individual research questions about your study project: we simply haven't the resources. We have no institutional affiliation or support ...

One of the reasons we produced The Signal Companion was to answer the question "Has Signal ever published anything on ______. There should be a copy on your college or university library's reference shelf, where it can be consulted both as an overview of the field of children's literature and as a guide to Signal's coverage.



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