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Portfolio (Selection)

Websites (selection)

  • Website for home care service Pflegedienst Kerstin Bosold: – using a screen design by Kerstin Habel
  • Feldenkrais website for David Jeker in Typo3: – using elements of the original screen design by Andreas Matthes.
  • Website for vets (Typo3) – screen design: Kerstin Habel.
  • Static (html) website for body-psychotherapist Cornelia Probst: – using elements of a card design by Kilian Plath.
  • Website for actress Anna-Lena Zühlke in Typo3: – screen design: Kerstin Habel.
  • Website for singer, theremin player and improvisation artist Ursula Häse in Typo3:
  • Websites for Hélène Brugal (Typo3) – screen design: Lars Hoschkara.
  • German website for Eisbergfreistadt – translations, graphics manipulation etc. based on the English original
  • Website for the studio Quohren MPG/Frieder Zimmermann – using a screen design by K. Plath in Typo3:
  • Website with detailed information on the work and life of Ted Hughes, since 1996. (currently under revision)
  • Website editing and freelance work for The British Council Deutschland

Translations – technical:

Translations – literary:

  • English poems for children (Carlsen Verlag): Susan Kreller (ed.), Sabine Wilharm (ill.), Henning Ahrens (trans.), Claas Kazzer (trans.) »Der beste Tag aller Zeiten – Weitgereiste Gedichte«, October 2013
  • Ted Hughes: Wie Dichtung entsteht. Sel. and transl. by Jutta & Wolfgang Kaußen and Claas Kazzer, with a short essay by Claas Kazzer. German. Insel Verlag, 2001.
  • Several other translations and proofreading projects e.g. for Reclam Verlag (publisher) and Chelsea Hotel (magazine).

Readings, Talks, Courses, Conferences

  • »Fixed Stars Govern a Life«: An International Ted Hughes Conference in Atlanta: Paper »Family Relations – Traces of a Cosmology in Ted Hughes's Creation Tales.« October 2005
  • »Mit der Kunst im Bunde IV«: An evening with photographer Karen Yama and author Jeffrey Eugenides, Literaturhaus Stuttgart, 6 June 2004; preparation, research, moderation & translation
  • Graham Swift: The Light of Day Das helle Licht des Tages: Reading and Talk with Graham Swift, Literaturhaus Stuttgart, 4 November 2003, preparation, research, moderation & translation
  • »Mit der Kunst im Bunde II«: An evening with poet/painter Frieda Hughes & painter Laszlo Lukacs, Literaturhaus Stuttgart, 19 May 2003, preparation, research, moderation & translation
  • »Ted Hughes 2000« Conference in Lyon: Paper: »›Earth-Moon‹: Ted Hughes's Books for Children (& Adults)«, development of on-line registration pages etc.


  • »What is the Truth? Ted Hughes, Childhood, Memories and Stories«, contribution to a book project, publ. on, 2010
  • »Family relations – Traces of a cosmology in Ted Hughes's Creation Tales«, paper, Atlanta, 2005, publ. on, 2010
  • Ted Hughes. Wie Dichtung entsteht. Insel Verlag, 2001. 285 pages, ISBN 3-458-17060-X; translations, afterword
  • »›Earth-Moon‹: Ted Hughes's Books for Children (and Adults).« in J. Moulin (ed.): Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons (Routledge 2004).
  • »Difficulties of a Bridegroom.« in Bertrand Rougé (ed.): Q/W/E/R/T/Y 9. Publications de l'Universite de Pau, 1999.
  • »Phantasie und innere Heilung: Ted Hughes' Bücher für Kinder und Erwachsene.« in Inklings Jahrbuch für das Jahr 2000
  • other translations, reviews & contributions to conferences
  • preparation for publication of vols. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of Leipzig Explorations in Literature and Culture, proof reading, communication, layout, etc.


  • courses and staff trainings, incl. MS Word for The British Council Germany
  • literary seminars at the Institute for British Studies, University of Leipzig


  • Work for the regional office of the British Council in Leipzig, later for The British Council Germany (Berlin): library services, customer care (students, guided tours), web design & maintenance, staff training, network administration
  • Teaching and research assistant, British Studies, University of Leipzig 1994–1998: seminars, conference organization, publications, editing, research, web and administrative support
  • German/British Studies at University of Leipzig 1988–1994
  • research on Ted Hughes (ongoing since 1994)


Gerhard Weber: Lebenszeit.

Gerhard Weber: LebenszeitBilingual companion volume to an exhibition at Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, Edition Wächterpappel 2011. Contribution: translations

Spagat: Design Istanbul Tasarimi.

Spagat - AusstellungskatalogCompanion volume for the exhibition at Marta Herford, Kerber Verlag 2010. Contribution: Translations.

Website: Website for actor Anna-Lena Zühlke in Typo3: (screen design: Kerstin Habel)

Quohren MPG

Website qmpg.deWebsite for the studio and audio production company Quohren MPG and its owner, musician Frieder Zimmermann – technical realization of a screen design by K. Plath in Typo3:

Pittoresk: Neue Perspektiven auf das Landschaftsbild

Companion volume for the exhibition at Marta Herford, 2009

Nullpunkt: Nieuwe German Gestaltung.

Cover: Nullpunkt - Ausstellungskatalog Companion volume for the exhibition at Marta Herford, Kerber Verlag 2009